The Monsters’project PART 1

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Or how to teach printmaking process to 4 to 6 years old children. Amazing experience.

1st step : Cadavre exquis

Dessin de monstre partagé en étapes // shared drawing of a monster step by step

–> means each kid is drawing one part of the monster then is sharing his drawing with another kid to continue it…

PS – 1 st grade of preschool


GS 3d grade of preschool



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2nd step: monster’s game

printmaking with vegetables on a monster’s drawing

3 dices  –> one for the color / one for the vegetable / one for the part of the monster

PS – 1st grade of preschool


GS 3d grade of preschool


Books about monsters:

  • Lise is reading ‘Le grand monstre vert’ PS/MS


  • Max et les Maximonstres GS


Monster’s face…thanks JB

Fête des mères avec les maternelles

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Avec les grande sections, nous avons préparé secrètement une surprise pour la fête des mères pendant deux séances.

La première fut consacrée essentiellement à un travail sur les émotions et à la préparation du typon (le dessin global pré-impression).

Pendant la deuxième séance, les enfants ont pu observer les différentes étapes de préparation d’un pochoir et imprimer eux-même le sac de leur maman. Nous avons aussi travaillé à quelques activités:

  • dans le prolongement de la séance sur les émotions
  • pour bien fixer le nouveau vocabulaire du matériel et les étapes de la sérigraphie


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Visite de l’exposition Empty Spaces

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We went to see the exhibition Empty spaces at the Alliance.

We questioned the kids about several angle of the artworks:

  • first, they had to choose their favorite artwork
  • then, we asked them to express their feelings about 2 specific pieces
  • finally, they tried to guess a technique

There were also 2 games

  •  find the details from the artworks
  • make the puzzle

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Atelier de scénographie avec les maternelles

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Every year, the French school organize a show to celebrate the end of the school. This time, the pre school asked me to make a scenography project with them. As the topic was Brazil, we have decided to build a bird pieces by pieces during one week

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We have have spent a very funny, tender and excited moment together.

Mother’s day workshop

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For the Mother’s day, I have been asked to make a special project with the children of the last preschool group (6 years old-Grande Section).

The work was based on the feelings. « Have you ever seen your mother crazy, angry, sad, happy, in love…? ». The children had to draw funny mother in those different feelings…Then we selected the funniest for the collective artwork but they kept their favorite picture for the gift card.

photos mai 225

The week after, they came to visit the studio. The had a initiation to screen printing and they could finally print their present themselves.

photos mai 216

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Before the Mother’s day, the children invited me at a very nice breakfast to give the present to their mother.

Delphine Buysse, art’s teacher

Visit of the Biennale @ Nafasi Art Space

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Biennale 3

This friday 22nd of November, we have organized a visit for the French school at the Nafasi cultural center. We went to see the East African Biennale of contemporary art.

After a first brainstorming and definition of art, we played different kind of games:

– Find the painting where this detail is coming from

– True or false about big aesthetic questions

– Guess what is artwork is made of?

– Tell me the story of that painting (before and after)

Then the children started an art activity: portraits of a friend with newspapers and magazines.

Very happy morning with those 4 different groups: interesting reflections and funny remarks coming from the children. We all enjoyed…