The Monsters’project Part2

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Second session of the project


The Monsters’project PART 1

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Or how to teach printmaking process to 4 to 6 years old children. Amazing experience.

1st step : Cadavre exquis

Dessin de monstre partagé en étapes // shared drawing of a monster step by step

–> means each kid is drawing one part of the monster then is sharing his drawing with another kid to continue it…

PS – 1 st grade of preschool


GS 3d grade of preschool



Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

2nd step: monster’s game

printmaking with vegetables on a monster’s drawing

3 dices  –> one for the color / one for the vegetable / one for the part of the monster

PS – 1st grade of preschool


GS 3d grade of preschool


Books about monsters:

  • Lise is reading ‘Le grand monstre vert’ PS/MS


  • Max et les Maximonstres GS


Monster’s face…thanks JB

Super Hero Project – costume

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Grade 6 (sixième): lost and found of super hero