The Monsters’project Part2

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Second session of the project


The Monsters’project PART 1

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Or how to teach printmaking process to 4 to 6 years old children. Amazing experience.

1st step : Cadavre exquis

Dessin de monstre partagé en étapes // shared drawing of a monster step by step

–> means each kid is drawing one part of the monster then is sharing his drawing with another kid to continue it…

PS – 1 st grade of preschool


GS 3d grade of preschool



Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

2nd step: monster’s game

printmaking with vegetables on a monster’s drawing

3 dices  –> one for the color / one for the vegetable / one for the part of the monster

PS – 1st grade of preschool


GS 3d grade of preschool


Books about monsters:

  • Lise is reading ‘Le grand monstre vert’ PS/MS


  • Max et les Maximonstres GS


Monster’s face…thanks JB

Art & neurosciences project – part 3

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This session was about the brain, the emotions and how to deal with them.

We first made a list of the emotions we knew and the 6 big emotions indexed by psychologists. Anger – Joy – Sadness – Disgust – Fear – Surprise

Then we have asked the pupils about the necessity of emotions

anger –> limits and change

fear –> caution, prudence

sadness –> comfort, ask …

Finally, we have talked about how to deal with emotions and the power of action we have on them

by acts, calm activities, help from the others, mindfulness.

so every child did his own 3D brains


and we have seen what has made by artists on this topic and what is good or not for our little brains

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